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I am now offering custom underbust training corsets at a flat price, any size or shape!  A training corset will come with your choice of fabric (listed below), a busk, a modesty panel, and a fused twill lining for a total of four layers of fabric.  You will have three fabric options, listed below.

Satin training corset$295.00 Reduced!  $255.00

Twill training corset$305.00 Reduced!   $255.00

Coutil training corset: $345.00 Reduced! $295.00

When you are waist training, you need a custom made, sturdy underbust corset with an hourglass shape. 

Your training corset will come with:

A busk: When you have to get in and out of your corset every day, you want it to be fast and easy.  But let's be honest.  A corset isn't the fastest thing to put on when you're getting dressed!  A busk can help with that.  Adding a busk to your corset will make life so much easier.  To learn more, please visit my FAQ page about busks

Fused twill lining upgrade:  A basic corset comes with a standard cotton lining.  A fused twill lining is an upgrade is a thicker, sturdier option.  I use cotton twill, in black, cream, khaki, grey or white, my discretion to match your outer fabric.  It is fused on the inside with a fusible interfacing.  Your corset will be stronger, sturdier, more rigid and more comfortable..  The fused twill lining also helps with longevity.  Your corset should last you a long time, but if you want to make it last even longer, a fused twill lining is a good investment.  To learn more, please visit my FAQ page about fused twill lining.

A modesty panel:  A modesty panel is basically a back protector.  It has two benefits-  It protects your skin from the laces.  When you are lacing in and out of your corset every day, those laces can create a sort of friction burn on your skin, unless you wear something under your corset.  The modesty panel will shield your bare skin from having the laces run over them every day.  It also helps with "back squeeze."  No matter how big or small you are, when you cinch into a corset, the skin from your back has to go somewhere, so you will end up with visible vertical folds under the laces.  A modesty panel will cover that up nicely!

Fabric of your choice: When it comes to fabric choice, there are three popular choices: Coutil (best), twill (second best), and satin (third choice). 
Coutil, as I mentioned, is the best.  It's a fabric that is specifically made for corset making.  It's sturdy, pretty, 100% cotton, and it has NO stretch, which is ideal for corsets.  Using coutil will also prolong the longevity of your corset.  It is not a delicate fabric, so it can take the wear and tear of daily wear.  The downsides: It only comes in a limited number of color choices and pattern, and it's expensive.  But the expense is worth it!
Twill is the most popular choice.  It is a sturdy fabric, with very little stretch, if any.  As I mentioned above, that is what you want in a corset; very little to no stretch.  Using twill will prolong the longevity of your corset.  It will hold up to the wear and tear of daily wear almost as well as coutil.  It's 100% cotton.  And it's cheaper than twill.  The downside: It only comes in a limited number of color choices.
Satin is also a popular choice, but mostly because it's pretty, and not because it's ideal for a corset.  It's about the same price as twill.  I use bridal satin, it's very thick and sturdy, but for daily wear, you may see some scuffing or the occasional snag.  Your corset will last you for a while if it's made with satin, but not as long as coutil or twill.


Double boning: If your waist is over 35", you will require double boning for the best reduction and support.  It's not required for a waist under 35", but can still be beneficial, and it's a personal choice.  A basic Jupiter Moon 3 corset has an average of 12 to 14 spring steel bones, one at each seam between panels, and on either side of the grommets.  If you order double boning, you will have nearly double that amount, usually between 20 and 22 boneswith two bones at every seam.  Double boning makes the corset even more rigid and durable, which is great for long wear and sturdiness.  It's just as comfortable as single boning.  To learn more, please visit my FAQ page on double boning.  If you would like to add double boning to your corset, it will be an additional $40.00, but well worth the investment!

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