The Jupiter Moon 3 Training Corset Program is for people who are interested
in wearing their corset daily for more permanant waist reduction and weight loss.
If you don't know what corset training is, or want more info please read more here first.

This program is scheduled at YOUR pace.  Corset training takes months, even years.  But with patience and dedication, you will see results quickly! 

Have you ever felt like training could get a little expensive?  Well, it can!  When you are training, your body adjusts to your corset.  With daily wear and dedication, the effects can be permanant.  But when your waist shrinks, you wake up one day and your corset is all of a sudden too big!  You have reached your goal, but now you need to buy another corset.  Well, I think a discount program is long overdue!  Intrigued?  Please read on!

The first step in this program will be to order your first (or next) training corset.  We will discuss options, and your routint.  You will receive instructions and a plan for your personal training program, and how to train SAFELY.

Your first training corset will be 10% off when you join the training corset program!  With proper training, your corset WILL become too big in time, and you will need to order a new, smaller custom training corset. 

Each subsequent training corset you order in the future will be discounted at 20% off, with a maximum of one new training corset order every six months.  For life!*  It may take you six months before you need a smaller corset, or even over a year.  It all depends on your body, your comfort, and on how long you wear your corset each day.  We will discuss those details when we plan your personalized program.

To join this program, all it takes is a one time fee of $25.00, in addition to the purchase of your first Jupiter Moon 3 training corset.  That one time fee will get you 10% off your first training corset order, which is a minimum of a $29 discount.  You will more than break even with your first training corset purchase!  You will also receive a packet of Jupiter Moon 3 goodies in the mail, and a fancy schmancy Jupiter Moon 3 Training Program Card/Certificate with your member number, and you will be invited to the private Jupiter Moon 3 COrset training Program group on Facebook.

To join the Jupiter Moon 3 Training Corset Program, please email me.
To order a training corset, please click here.

Discounted corsets MUST be training corsets, and they must meet the training corset guidelines as outlined here
Jupiter Moon 3, Jennifer Gonzalez, and all affiliated names do NOT resume liability for injuries or illess due to improper or dangerous training corset practices.  To train safely, you must follow my guidelines here.

* Meaning until the end of this program/company, which can't be predicted

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