What is waist training/corset training?

Waist training is a process where you wear a corset regularly, on a strict schedule, until your body is molded and "trained" to be a different shape, usually with a smaller waist.

SAFETY FIRST!  Please read my safety page for more info on how to train properly.

The more you wear your corset, the tighter you will be able to lace in it.  It is a gradual process, usually resulting in healthy weight loss, better eating habits, and with proper training, a reduction in both your natural and/or corseted waist. 

When you first start wearing a corset as a beginner, you will only be able to cinch a few inches, depenting on your size and shape.  Your corset will still be open in the back between the laces.  Once you get used to wearing a corset, you will be able to lace tighter over time, closing the gap in the back very gradually.

Like anything else, training takes practice, patience and dedication.  Even if you are able to tighten your corset all the way closed the first time, it is not a good idea to do so.  It can be uncomfortable, and even dangerous.  It can damage the corset, and it may discourage you from corseting at all.  Slowly but surely is the way.  Train your body gradually, don't force it.  Be responsible and have patience.  Proper corset training takes time, and should NEVER be painful or cause distress.  If you wear your corset properly, it will be comfortable and empowering, not painful or torturous. 

To properly tightlace or train, most people will wear their corset from 12 to 23 hours a day, even while they sleep, only removing it to shower.  The longer you wear it, the faster the process will be.

If you plan to use your corset for training, I recommend a plain, sturdy cotton coutil or twill that is easy to spot wash and launder.  Please see laundering instructions on the FAQ page.

If you are interested in a discounted training corset, please see my corset training program page!

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Want to know what happens to your body when you train?  Please visit my corset safety page.

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