What your corset will include with the list price:  Between two and four layers of material (usually three), depending on the durability of the outer fashion fabric chosen.  The corset is boned with between 12 and 14 individually cut white steel bones, depending on the style you choose, stitched in at the seams.  The edges are bound with matching or contrasting hand made bias binding.  The back is laced with between 18 and 30 two piece grommets, sometimes more, also depending on the style corset you chose.  Double sided satin ribbon laces are included.  You can see more about what's included with the basic corset price on my pricing page.  All other accessories, including busk, trims, straps, modesty panel, and etc., can be added for a fee.  You will find a list of the options and prices on my embellishments page.  You may also see prices for other items, such a skirts, bras, and more, on my accessories page.

Order Form and Measurements:  I need very accurate, natural measurements with NO reduction in inches.  I will make the corset smaller than your natural measurements.  An average corset is 1" smaller in the bust/underbust, 2" smaller in the hips, and 5" smaller in the waist.  Please be careful to get accurate measurements, and if you have questions, feel free to ask me anything!  Please see my measurements page, or my faq page for reference.  I guarantee your corset will fit the measurements provided.  If measurements are inaccurate, your corset may not fit your body.  If you provide incorrect measurements, I cannot offer a refund, but I will of course work with you to get you a better fitting corset.  If you do need a replacement due to incorrect measurements, you will have to purchase a new one, but I will negotiate a discount.

Returns and refunds:  I do not offer refunds.  However, if there is a problem with your corset, I will consider alterations.  If the mistake was on my part, I will do alterations for free.  However, this is why I ask for very specific natural measurements.  If you measure incorrectly, I cannot be held responsible, as there is no way for me to know that a measurement was incorrect.  Taking your measurements is not as hard as it sounds, and I am always available to answer questions.

Alterations:  As stated above, I will do alterations for free the mistake was on my part.  This is VERY rare.  If you lose weight, or made a mistake with your measurements, I will do alterations for a fee, depending on what you need, and how time consuming it is for me to do.  A corset cannot be made bigger if you gain weight.  I might be able to make a corset smaller, but it will be a challenge, and it will usually be more worth your while, financially and fit-wise, to order a new corset.  A new corset will fit more comfortable than an altered one if you lose weight.

Time frame:  Most corsets take eight to ten weeks for delivery, occasionally longer.  If you have chosen a special order fabric or accessory, it may take longer than ten weeks.  Your corset will not be started or mailed until full payment is recieved.   The "due date" is calculated from the day you make your payment, not the first day of contact.  I can do RUSH ORDERS if needed, please see the rush order page for prices and time frames.  

Partial payments/installment payments: Partial payments/installments might be accepted in certain  circumstances upon approval, please contact me to find out if your order will qualify for installments.  Your corset will not be mailed under any circumstance until payment is recieved in full.

Safety and responsibility: Corsets can be dangerous if they are not worn properly.  Jupiter Moon 3 is not responsible for irrespoinsible corset practices.  Wear your corset comfortably, but never too tight.  It takes time to train and tightlace.  NEVER tighten your corset to the point of pain.  You should never have breathing issues while wearing your corset.  For more info on proper corset wear, see my corset safety page.

By ordering with Jupiter Moon 3, you are agreeing to the above listed  terms and conditions.
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