Jupiter Moon 3 offers forty-nine different corset styles.  Some vary only slighty, so be sure to take a close look. 
Please click on the links below to view the style galleries.
Thirty-five overbust styles.  An overbust corset covers the bust.
Seven underbust styles.  An underbust corset comes up under the bust, just to the bottom band on your bra.
Seven waist cincher styles.  A waist cincher is my shortest corset style.  It comes up about 3" above the waist.

A Jupiter Moon 3 waist cincher comes up about 3" above the waist.  Shorter than the underbust.
A Jupiter Moon 3 underbust  comes up to the bra underwire.  Taller than the waist cincher.  Height based on measurements.
A Jupiter Moon 3 overbust covers the bust.  Many styles to choose from.  Height based on measurements.
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