What's the difference between an hourglass shape and a sloped curve?

Both corsets are going to reduce your measurements by  the same number of inches.   Standard for a Jupiter Moon 3 corset is a FIVE inch reduction in the waist, meaning your corset is made 5" smaller than your natural waist measurement.    The difference is in the SHAPE.     Both shapes are comfortable in their own way, some people prefer the hourglass,   and  some  prefer  the  sloped  curve.  You  will  not  have  a  smaller waist in an hourglass than you would in a sloped curved corset.    It's a personal choice,  what visual shape do you prefer?

The sloped curve gives you just that; a smooth curve from the bust (or underbust), tapers in at the waist slowly, and then back out and sloping out to the hips.

The hourglass gives you just that!  It tapars in more sharply at the waist, then conforms more to the natural shape of your hipbone, giving you the appearance of an hourglass.

Below you will see an illustration of both shapes, exaggerated for reference.  Please remember, everyone has a different shape, you may not get the exact shape as the image.

My hourglass shape is what most people consider a "conical" shape.  

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