Do you recommend a reversible corset?

That's a tricky question.  The answer is yes and no.

A reversible corset is a fun option, and can work for some corsets.  It also saves some money; you get two corsets in one!  However, I can't make a reversible corset with a busk, the hourglass shape, or a few of the embellishment options.  A training corset cannot be made reversible.

I only recommend getting a reversible corset for club wear, or occasional wear, but NOT if you plan to train, or wear your corset very often.  When you wear a custom corset, your body will break it in over time, like a shoe.  The boning will mold to your body, and the fabric will adjust somewhat, making it the perfect fit for your body, and your body only.  When you reverse your corset, you are un-doing all of that progress.  That's why I only recommend it for occasional wear corsets.

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