Pricing is set up in a "build your own" fashion. 
This step-by-step process will be explained on the page below. 
For a quick look at prices, please see my styles page and my embellishments page.
The pricing system works one of three ways:
     1.  You can shop pre-made, ready to ship corsets here in my shop, on eBay, or on Etsy.  I've                had problems with Etsy and eBay, so I may not have something listed at all times, but you               may also check my "for sale" folder on Facebook.
     2. You can choose a corset/outfit from my gallery and order it exactly as it is.  Have a look in                my gallery, and to order one of those pieces custom, click here.  Each outfit has a set price.
     3. OR you can build your own custom creation.  This is a seven step process, all outlined on                my ordering page.  You will choose a style, then choose any embellishments or accessories            you want to add, and dream up an original creation for me to create for you.  This way, you             can build up to your budget, and get exactly what you want.

To start, a basic corset is priced as follows: 
     Basic overbust- $250.00  reduced to $200.00!
     Basic underbust $230.00  reduced to $180.00!
     Basic waist cincher $220.00  reduced to $170.00!

     Each additional embellishment to your corset has a flat price. 
     For example, a busk is $40.00, and a modesty panel is $15.00. 
     There are many, many embellishments and accessories to choose from.
     Click these links to see your choices of embellishments and accessories.

To place an order, or to learn more about this step-by-step process, please visit my ordering page.

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