What is a corset mockup?
All of my overbust corsets require a mockup.

A mockup corset is basically a "trial version" of your final corset. 

Once you place your order, I will make a basic, unfinished version of your corset.  I will then ship it to you, and have you try it on.  I will ask you to take pictures of yourself in the corset from various angles.  I will take a look at your photos, and determine where to make changes, if any.  This is also your opportunity to let me know if you would like anything to be changed. 

Once that is complete, I'll need for you to ship it back to me.  If necessary, I will alter it, OR make another mockup.  I will ship it to you again, and we will repeat the process. 

Once the mockup is a perfect fit, I will begin work on the final corset.

The mockup service fee is a flat rate of $100.00, no matter how many I have to make for you.  You will be responsible for shipping costs on your end, and I will pay for shipping on my end. 

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