There are many, many people out there who are apprehensive about measuring themselves for a corset.  It's not as scary as one would think!   Here you will find everything you need to know about measuring yourself, or having someone measure for you.  I have included step by step instructions, testimonials, charts, and a video.  The instructions are lengthy because I want to be sure they're explained clearly.

Tips and hints:

-The best way to measure is in a bra and panties.  Your bra should be a good fit, and not overly padded.  The less bulk you are wearing, the more accurate your measurements will be.

-Always measure from a standing position, EXCEPT for #11, which is in a seated position.

-When measuring, don't bend over.  Try to measure yourself with good posture.

-Measure twice.  If your measurements differ on the second try, measure a third time to be sure.

-When measuring around your body, be sure to keep the measuring tape paralell to the ground.  Don't let it sag in the back, it needs to be in a straight line around your body.

-I need natural measurements, so don't cinch the measuring tape.  Just a snug fit.

-All corset makers take different measurements, so even if you have measured for another corset designer in the past, be sure to follow my chart in the image below for reference. 


You will need a string or narrow ribbon, a fabric measuring tape (Walmart, fabric stores, etc.), a pen and paper, and a chair.  For extra reassurance, a non-toxic, water soluable marker is a good tool, but optional.  You would use it to draw reference dots on your body.  Use a kid's marker!  Not permanant!

Let's get started:

-Find your natural waist.  If you have trouble, bend to the side.  Usually the waist will be where your body creases when you bend to the side.  Your waist is in between the crest of your pelvic bone and your last rib.

-Tie your ribbon securely and snugly at your waist.  Why?  It makes the whole process easier to have a starting point, and keep it the same throughout the vertical measuring process.  After that, it's easy! 

-And now, let's get started!  Please use the chart in the image below for reference; the numbers on the image match up with the chart.

Step by step:

  1.  Bust- Measure around the widest part of your bust.

  2.  Underbust- Measure around your ribcage, right where the bottom elastic on your bra sits.

  3.  Waist- Measure around your waist where you have the ribbon.

  4.  Hip crest at 3" below the waist- Measure your hip crest, at exactly 3" below your waist.  This is                where the marker can come in handy, if you wish.  Mark your hip crest measuring 3" DOWN from            the ribbon at your waist. 

  5.  Mid-hip at 5" below the waist- Measure your mid hip, at exactly 5" below your waist.  Use the                   marker again, if you wish.  Mark your hip crest measuring 5" DOWN from the ribbon at your waist.

  6.  Nipple to waist- Measure yourself vertically from your nipple straight down to the waist.

  7.  Underbust to waist- Measure as the picture shows, directly under the breast, from the elastic band          on your bra down to the ribbon at your waist.  The center of your corset will be taller than this for             most styles; this measurement just ensures that it does not come up too high under the breast.

  8.  Underarm to waist- For overbust only:  With your arm held up at a 90 degree angle, measure from          the crook of your underarm down to the ribbon at your waist, on the side..

  9.  Nipple to nipple-  For overbust only:  Measure horizontally accross your bust, as shown on the                 chart, from nipple to nipple. 

10.  Waist to top-  For overbust onlyMeasure from the ribbon at your waist UP over the breast to                  where you would like the top edge of the corset.  Measure over the breast, and not in the center, as        the chart shows.

11.  Waist to lap- In a seated position, and with straight posture, measure from the ribbon at your waist          down to the highest point on your thigh, right where the leg meets the torso, as shown on the chart         below.  This ensures the corset is not too long, which would prevent you from sitting down.

The chart:

The video:


From Ellie R"The first corset I ever bought was a custom corset from you! The measuring process definitely made me nervous since I've never bought any item that required me to measure myself before but your instructions answered all of my questions. It seemed a lot more daunting than it was. I spent about 10 minutes measuring and the corset came out absolutely perfect!"

From Tabitha R"The measuring process was very easy. All of the instructions were clear, and there was even a little picture so I actually didn't have to read anything if I didn't want to. Any questions I have ever had were answered immediately. Very easy, very effective, and my corsets fit like a dream."

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