What is a corset liner?

If you wear a corset, you know how dirty your corset can get.  Even if you're careful, body oils build up on the inside, prompting you to over-wash your corset, which causes the corset to break down and wear out faster than you'd like.

One solution is to always wear something under your corset, such as a tank top, camisole, chemise, or a tube top.  But it's not always the most comfortable choice, due to wrinkling under the corset.

I now offer corset liners!  They are made with a stretch blend fabric, as breatheable as possible.  They have just three seams: One down the length of the liner, one on the top elastic, and one on the bottom elastic.  The seam and the top and bottom hems are serged for a clean finish. 

The corset liner is a separate garment, and is not attached to your corset.

They are easy to put on and to take off over your hips OR over your head.

To launder, I recommend hand washing and line or flat drying your liner.  Washing machines can cause stretching, and can damage the fabric, as well as wearing it out before it's time if you wash it a lot.

To order yours, please see my liners page. 

To learn more about laundering your corset, please see my corset care page.

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