Corsets are always too long/short for me.  Can you help?

A properly fitted corset will never be too long or too short.
This is why a custom corset is best.  A good corset maker will always get horizontal AND vertical measurements from you. 

Everyone's body is different, and that includes the height of your torso, too.  Some corsets can be too tall for you, or too short!  If an underbust is too tall, it will come up over your bust, and that's not pretty.  Even worse is an overbust that's too short, and your bust falls right out of it!  That's an embarassing situation!
But with a correct set of measurements, your corset will not be too tall, too short, or too long.

Worried about measurements?  It's not as scary as a lot of people think it is!  Visit my measurements page for more info!
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