How can I place an order with Jupiter Moon 3?

It's easy!  Albiet a bit time consuming.  It's all about choices: What is YOUR dream corset?
Ordering is a step-by-step process. 

First, you will dream up what you want.  Then you need an order form.  You can download my PDF order form here, OR if you have issues with it,  email me, and I will send you a text only order form through email.  You will then be able to fill out your order form, choosing fabrics, embellishments, any accessories, and you will take your measurements.  And always feel free to email me with any questions you have, any time! 
After you email the order form back to me, we will discuss price, details, etc., and then I can send you an invoice.  Then I can begin work on your custom order!  Orders typically take 8-10 weeks to make, but you can always place a rush order

Afraid of taking your measurements?  It's not as scary as it sounds!  Please see my measurements page for more info.

To find out more, please see my ordering page
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