How much are your corsets?

My corsets are priced for YOUR budget.  Each corset starts with a base price, and you can add embellishments and accessories as you like. 

A basic corset is where you will start.  Your basic corset will come with an outer layer of fashion fabric of your choice, cotton lining, and a layer of interfacing between the layers.  Your corset will come with 12-14 white spring steel bones, grommets, and double sided satin ribbon laces in the back.  The edges are bound with matching or contrasting bias binding.  The back is laced with between 14 and 30 two piece grommets, sometimes more, depending on the style corset you chose. 

All other embellishments, including busk, trims, straps, modesty panel, and etc., can be added for a fee.

Overbust corsets start at $250.00  reduced to $200.00

Underbust corsets start at $230.00  reduced to $180.00!

Waist cinchers start at $220.00  reduced to $170.00!
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