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      Effective in April, 2016, I have          REDUCED prices on ALL corsets!

Not only can you now order a custom corset at a lower price, but I have also discounted all of my Etsy stock down to rock-bottom prices!  It's time to clean house!

Visit my news page for more info!

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Now down to business: Welcome to Jupiter Moon 3!

Jupiter Moon 3 is a web based fashion designer, specializing in custom corsets.  I work with all sizes, all shapes, all tastes. 

What's your flavor?

Jupiter Moon 3 is a small business with just one employee: Me! My specialty is corsets, I offer dozens of different corset styles, custom made to your unique measurements.  You can personalize your corset in just about any way imaginable!  
I also create other alternative fashions, such as costumes, skirts, dresses, bridal gowns, neck corsets, and more!   Please click the links on the left to see more, or visit my gallery.   

Notable notes:
This website is different from your average point and click ordering process.  Here you will see galleries of my past work, and instructions on how to order new designs, custom made for YOU! 

You will find prices listed, and instructions for ordering corsets, which is more customizable than most clothing manufacturers.  You may choose what you like, from the fabric to the embellishments to the accessories, and "build" your dream outfit from the ground up.  Like a build-your-own sundae!
The process isn't difficult, you can see more info on my FAQ page.  If you feel overwhelmed, feel free to contact me with questions.

NEW! The Jupiter Moon 3 Training Corset Program is a discount plan! 
Want more info?  Please visit my Training Corset Program page. 

To place an order, and for information on sizing and measuring yourself, please visit my ordering page or contact me.

Don't see what you were looking for here?  Just ask!  I am always willing to consider new challenges!

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