What are my fabric options?

I don't like to limit anyone on fabric.  What fabric do you envision when you imagine your dream corset?  Just let me know what kind of fabric you have in mind, and I will do my best to find it for you.  Most fabrics are included in the basic list price of your corset. 

There are only a few fabric limitations: For a corset, I cannot use fabrics that are very thin, sheer (unless it's an overlay), or stretchy fabrics.

The only time there will be a fee for your fabric is if it's vinyl or PVC, faux leather, velvet, coutil, or if your fabric choice is over $20.00 per yard.  These corsets will be priced according to fabric price.

All other fabric choices are included in the basic list price for your corset.  That can include cotton, twill, brocade, upholstery, most silks, satin and more!

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