What is double boning?

A basic Jupiter Moon 3 corset has an average of 12 to 14 spring steel bones, one at each seam between panels, and on either side of the grommets.  If you order double boning, you will have nearly double that amount, usually between 20 and 26 bones, depending on whether or not you have a busk as well.  That means you will get two bones at every seam.  The bones next to the grommets will be the same, which is why it's not quite double.

What are the benefits?  The basic corset, with 12-14 bones, is sturdy.  It will never flip or fold up on you.  Double boning makes the corset even more rigid and durable, which is great for long wear and sturdiness.  It's just as comfortable as single boning.

I recommend double boning for people who are training, though it is not required, and I recommend it for people who have a natural waist measurement of over 35".  It's an option for any corset, it's a personal choice.
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