What's the difference between a "pre-made" corset and a "custom" corset?

A pre-made corset (sometimes called an off the rack corset)  is purchased in a store or online, and is made "as is," meaning it's made to a standard set of measurements.  You will just choose the size that most closely fits your measurements.  A pre-made corset is already made and is not customizable.  I don't recommend training in a pre-made corset, unless it happens to be just the right size.  If you're looking to train, a custom corset is a much better option for most people.

This is the fastest way to order a corset, because it's alreay made, and usually ready to ship.  To see what I have in stock, please visit my shop.

A custom corset isn't made yet.  Unlike a standard sized corset, a custom made corset is made to fit every curve of your body.  With Jupiter Moon 3, you will take ten measurements on average, horizontal and vertical.  With correct measurements, it is guaranteed to fit you perfectly.  This option will provide the best fit.  Every human body is different, and ordering custom ensures the corset fits every point on your torso, rather than just your waist.  You may customize a custom made corset however you like, in whatever style you like, and with whatever fabric, accessories, and add-ons you want.  This is the best and only option if you are interested in training.  Please see my FAQ page for more info on training.

The benefits of a custom corset are many!  First, it will usually be more comfortable.  Second, it will generally accentuate your natural curves and shape better than an off the rack corset.  And last, if you are long waisted or short waisted, you won't be likely to find a pre-made corset that fits you quite right.  If you're short waisted, a pre-made corset is likely to be too tall for you, and the top of the corset will be up to your chin, or dig into your underarms.  If you're long waisted, a pre-made corset might too short on you, and won't cover you properly, so you'll fall out of an overbust.  With a custom corset, you measure not only your horizontal measurements, but vertical, too.  With proper and correct measurements, your corset will never be too tall or too short.

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