How do I care for and launder my corset?

To store your corset, you can roll it up with a soft piece of fabric in a drawer, or hang it over a hanger in the closet.  I do not recommend using clip hangers or hooks.

To launder your corset, please see the instructions below.  Ideally, your corset should not be laundered often.  I recommend wearing a corset liner, chemise, cami, or a tube top under your corset at all times.  It's best to keep a layer of fabric between your corset and your body, that way you can keep your body oil transfer to a minimum, and therefore wash less.

In between washings, you can spot clean your corset.  Use plain water on a soft, damp cloth, and gently wash any spots from the corset.

If you don't dry clean your corset, the next best thing is hand washing.

Never put your corset in the washing machine, and never dry it in the dryer either.

If you decide to have your corset dry cleaned, be sure to find a dry cleaner who knows how to clean a corset.

To hand wash:  Fill your clean kitchen sink with enough warm water (not hot) to cover the corset well, so you have some room to move it around. 
Put a small amount of mild laundry soap into the water before you put the corset into the sink, and mix the soap into the water.
Sumberse your corset, using your hands to swish it around gently, and squeeze it gently to pull some of the oils and dirt out.  Don't manhandle it!  Lift the corset out of the water, rarrange it, and submerge it again.  Do this several times until you feel like you have removed all of the grime and oils from the fabric.
Drain the sink, and rinse your corset under clean water from the faucet until the water runs clear, with no more soap bubbles or dirt.
Take your corset out of the sink.  Don't wring the corset, just let it drip for a moment.
Open the corset up all the way, and lay the full length of it out flat onto a clean towel.
Roll up the towel with the corset inside, like a sushi roll, blotting it to remove excess water. 
Unroll the towel and hang your corset on a rack, over a hanger, or on the line. 
Don't use clip hangers or hooks.
Don't leave it out in the sun for longer than it takes to dry, the sun will bleach some fabrics over time.
It's important that you dry your corset as quickly as possible.  Don't let it sit wet for too long, and don't leave it out in the rain.  Too much water can possibly damage the metal boning.  The best method is to let it dry on a rack or on the line outside.
Don't dry it with any heat source, just let it drip dry.  Heat can warp some fabrics.

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