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Have you dreamed of learning how to make custom corsets for yourself and your friends?  I can teach you that! 

Jupiter Moon 3 is located in San Antonio, Texas.  If you are willing to travel, I am open to an intensive weekend/two day workshop, just ask!  Hotel won't be provided, but I can help you find one in the area.

I am offering two classes at this time: Corset patterning, and corset construction.  You can choose to enter one class or both. 

I teach corset making classes in an "on demand" kind of way.  Instead of setting up a schedule and waiting for students to join in, I wait until a minimum of two people are interested (maximum of three people), and we set up our schedule around YOUR schedule.  Most classes are spread out over several weeks, but I will consider intensive weekend workshops according to your needs..

1. Corset patterning class: This is a four hour class.  In this class, you will learn to pattern and construct the perfect underbust corset pattern for yourself.  Students will measure each other according to the measurements on my order form.  You will need to bring some supplies, listed below.  There may be some minimal homework.  This class is NOT required if you want to take the construction class.  Please read on. 

2. Corset construction class: This is a 16 hour class.  In this class, you will learn how to construct a corset.  If you choose not to attend the corset patterning class (above), a standard pattern will be privided for you.  You will need to bring some supplies, listed below.  You will also need to bring your sewing machine.  There will be some homework.

You must have average sewing skills and know how to use your machine well.  If you can sew a good pair of pants, you'll be able to make a corset.  There's math involved, too, but that's what calculators are for, right? 
Corset PATTERNING class- 4 hours, one class day.
Corset CONSTRUCTION class- 16 hours, minimum of 4 class days,
more if necessary.
I'm flexible, we can space it out weekly over the course of a month, or we can get it done in one intensive weekend workshop.  That will be up to you, and we can discuss further details when we finalize your class.
Class fees:
Corset PATTERNING class- $200.00
Corset CONSTRUCTION class- $600.00

Notes & What Not:
-Please note, hours are approximate.  We may run over some days.  If you can't stay later than the posted hours, we will arrange for an additional session as needed, with no additional fee.  You will learn what you came for either way, I'll make sure of it!
-I am not a super strict teacher, so this is a fun experience!  But I do ask that you show up for class on time.  It's not fair to others in the class if we have to wait for a late student. 
-Please remember: everyone has different techniques.  I am going to teach you how to make corsets the way I make them.  I am self taught, so some of my techniques are strange!
* If you are plus sized with a natural waist of over 35", we will need to consult first before you buy/order fabric.

There are a few things you will need to bring:

  1. One yard* of coutil or twill for the OUTER layer.
  2. One yard* of coutil or twill for the INNER layer.
  3. Three yards of -Decor Bond- brand fusible interfacing, OR six yards of 
      -Craft Fuse- brand fusible interfacing, both by Pellon, and both
      available at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Hancock Fabrics. 
  4. Six to eight yards of double sided satin ribbon in your choice of color. 
      If you can't find it in fabric stores, I will provide black, white or cream
      for you.
  5. Grosgrain ribbon.  You can buy a spool, or by the yard.  If you buy it by
      the yard, please measure your waist, then add 5".  That's about how 
      much you will need. 
  6. A chalk pencil.  I use a quilting pencil, available at Joann and Hancock.
  7. A french curve ruler.  Not required, but nice to have. 
  8. Scissors
  9. Rotary cutter.  Not required, but nice to have.  I will provide mats.
10. Pen and paper for notes.
11. A seamripper, because we can't learn without mistakes!
12. Extra supplies, like standard thread, pins, extra needles, etc.
13. Please label your supplies with your name so we don't get mixed up.
14. And I saved the best for last: You will of course need your sewing  

I will provide grommets, a busk, steel boning, bone tips (if necessary), tools, grommet press, awls, pattern tape, etc. 

If you are interested in taking this class, please email me, and we can discuss scheduling.

Pictured to the left: My very first student, Ruthann, wearing the coutil corset she made in my class!  October, 2012