Just a few photos from my personal files.  Photo shoots, fashion shows, vending, parties and more! 
Sneaky sneaky on set with Jupiter!
My first time meeting Masuimi!  Spring, 2007
Miss Rockwell DeVil with Mitzi
Miss Rockwell DeVil doing makeup for Angela Ryan
Jupiter, Morat and Masuimi, circa 2013
With my new book, August, 2011
Vivienne Vermuth with Jupiter
Mosh and Jupiter 2010
Mosh & Jupiter, 2010
Masuimi and Germany
Marcy Horror
Marcy Horror, Jupiter and Hannah Ghore vending at Texas Frightmare
Masuimi Max at the Bizarre party
Masuimi getting laced up!  2008
Masuimi and Jupiter at Jupiter's house, October, 2010
Marcy Horror shooting with Raven Red
Marcy Horror and Ludella Hahn
Marcy Horror and Jupiter
Last minute sewing for a shoot.  There was no room to sew, so I set up on the floor!
Marcy Horror and Christine Eakin, eep!
Ludella Hahn & Evan Smith
Jupiter, Halloween 2006
Jupiter, 2007
Jupiter with Misery.  RIP!  The bite is just makeup!
Jupiter with Marcy Horror at her wedding
Jupiter with Marcy Horror at her wedding, 2010
Jupiter on an important call!  2008
Jupiter lacing up Marcy Horror at her wedding!
Jupiter lacing Courtney Crave
Jupiter lacing a model.  Just for fun, I don't really lace people like that!
Jupiter behind the scenes with Le Mew
Jupiter and Shannon at Faire in California, 1998
Jupiter and Mr. Jupiter at Circo Phantasmagoria, 09-17-11
Jupiter and Marcy Horror
Jupiter and Mr. Jupiter taking a break for a kiss at Circo Phantasmagoria
Jupiter and Marcy Horror on Fox News
Jenny Lectron shooting with Raven Red
Jupiter and Dawn (reflective scotchlite accents!)
Jupiter and Courtney Crave
Jupiter and Coco Lectric, 2009
Jupiter and a zebra!
Jupiter "behind" the scenes
Jaye and Jupiter in Salem, MA, 2004
Honey Cocoa Bordeauxx and Jupiter
Germany, Jupiter & Marcy Horror at DBF
Dawn & Jupiter, 2006
Darbi & Masuimi, Bite Fest, 2010
Book signing party!  Circa 2011
Behind the scenes with Angela Ryan and Shannon Brooke
Athena Fatale with Miss Missy's kitty
Angela Ryan & Jupiter circa 2009
Amie, Darbi & Jupiter in 2010
Amie & Jupiter in 2010
Coco Lectric getting dolled up, 2012
Behind the scenes at my circus shoot
Apnea getting dolled up
Angel & Jupiter circa 2005
Masuimi Max wearing her hand painted bones corset at a shoot
Melissa Drew behind the scenes with Le Mew Photography
Masuimi Max in bones at her booth
Marcy Horror showing off her teeny waist
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