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Hi!  I'm Jennifer Gonzalez, AKA "Jupiter." I'm the sole owner, designer and seamstress of Jupiter Moon 3. 

I learned to sew in 1985, when I was eight years old.  I began designing and sewing corsets in 1997 in Oakland, California, while attending California College of the Arts.  The internet was not widely used in 1997, and I was frustrated with the lack of patterns for corsets; they were nowhere to be found in local fabric stores at the time.    While in college, I  decided to take on the challenge of designing and building a corset for myself.  With an idea and some material, I cut, pinned, sewed, then re-cut, pinned and sewed until I got a template for the perfect overbust corset.  From there, the idea for Jupiter Moon 3 Corsets blossomed (originally called "Eight Thirty and Earth), and a hobby turned into this small, one woman business.  The patterns just kept coming, with a lot of work, and even more patience.

Jupiter Moon 3 was "born" in 2001, when this hobby became a part time job for me.  In 2005, it became a full time career.   Jupiter Moon 3 now offers many designs, with different cuts, as requested by each individual client, for nearly unlimited styles.  With limitless combinations of optional accessories, the client can "build" a one of a kind gorgeous work of art for Jupiter Moon 3 to create.  Your dream corset come to life.

Jupiter Moon 3 is now located in San Antonio, Texas, and almost all sales are based on the internet.  Corset sales are booming, and I have designed and constructed over 1000 quality, original, one of a kind corsets in most of the fifty United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Denmark, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Wales, Germany, and many other countries, provinces and territories.

Jupiter Moon 3 corsets have been featured in many fashion shows, in numerous publications, and seen on TV.   To see images and a full list of publications, click here.  Jupiter Moon 3 also vends at various events.  If you would like to book Jupiter Moon 3 for events or publications, please email me.
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