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Snow White Costume

This outfit included a corset, custom top, cloak, and floor length skirt.  All pieces made with natural fibers.  The majority of the outfit is dupioni silk shaunting, and the skirt has a layer of French batiste cotton.  The cloack was made with black cotton twill, lined with red silk.

Corset only:  $285.00  Now only $235.00
Full outfit: $690.00  Now only $640.00  

You can purchase a custom version of this outfit, as seen here, in YOUR size, or you may purchase a similar outfit and embellish it as you like.  I can recreate any of the items you see on my website, or you can customize any way you like.  Make it yours!  The price listed above is for this exact corset, or you can add or subtract embellishments and accessories as you like, for a personalized touch.

Corset ($235):
$180 Basic underbust price, #008 Pasithee style
$  40 Busk
$  15 Modesty panel

Standard floor length circle skirt, two layers ($165)

Custom top ($85)

Cloak ($175)

To add personalized embellishments, please click here.
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If you choose to order this piece, it will be made custom for you, brand new, in your measurements.

*Prices subject to change. 
Please see my pricing page for current prices.

Photos of Cynthia by a friend, October 2012